What Is Company Registration In Chennai And Their Main Advantages And Disadvantages?

Company Registration In Chennai

Company registration in Chennai, Everybody in India has a steady goal to begin a business. To work ahead with this goal, and transform it into a reality, everybody needs to begin an organization. Accordingly, there exists organization registration in India. Through incorporation of an organization, you can begin your business in a lawful manner where you are given a foundation of development, yet additionally the help from the public authority. 

Organization registration is a process through which the business is given a legitimate lawful framework and is incorporated inside the MCA as indicated by the Companies Act 2013. 

Eligibility criteria

Following are the eligibility models for Company registration in Chennai: 

There ought to be no less than 2 Directors of the organization 

There ought to be no less than 2 investors of the organization 

The directors and investors can be a similar person 

There ought to be something like one director who is an inhabitant of India. 


Following documents are required for Company Registration In Chennai

For Directors/Shareholders 

Copy of PAN Card 

Identity Proof (Voter Card, Passport, Driving License) 

Company registration in Chennai requires Address Proof (Bank Statement, Mobile bill, Telephone charge, Electricity Bill) 

Identification Size Photo 

For Registered Office 

Proprietorship Proof (Electricity Bill, Gas charge, Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill) 

NOC (Download Format)


Company Registration in Chennai follows the steps below.

  1. Obtain director ID number (DIN) by filling Form DIN-1. 

The transitory DIN is promptly given which should then be printed, marked and shipped off RoC for its assent alongside the character and address verifications. 

     2 – Acquire advanced mark testament. 

This testament can be gained from any of the six private departments authorized by MCA 21. Head of the organization is needed to present the suggested application structure alongside the personality and home confirmation. 

3 To achieve name of the Company Form No. 1A ought to be filled referring to the location of the Registered Office of the extended firm alongside the mark of one of the advertisers. A limit of 6 proposed names can be introduced which are confirmed by RoC staff for any likeness with other organization names in India. This cycle requires two days for accomplishing assent of the name 

4 – Arrange for stepping of the Memorandum and Articles with the proper stamp obligation. The cost of stamp obligation varies from state to state. Stamp obligation need to pay on the web. 

The documents ought to be endorsed by the association’s advertisers after the MOA and AOA have been stepped. Other than the advertiser’s signature, other data which should be filled in candidate’s penmanship is the organization’s name, depiction of organization’s exercises and intention, father’s name, address, occupation and number of shares bought in. 

5 – Attain the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, MCA. File e-structure 1; e-structure 18; and e-structure 32 online on the Ministry of Company Affairs site. Alongside these papers, copies of arrangement of the first directors and marked and fixed type of the Memorandum and Article of Association should be encased in Form 1. 

6 – Make a seal (appropriate for the private limited organizations). Making an organization seal is certainly not a legitimate commitment for the firm to be coordinated, however firms require a seal to convey share declarations and different endorsements. 

7 – Attain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) or the Unit Trust of India (UTI) Investors Services Ltd., as reevaluated by the Income Tax Department. Every individual is qualified for express their Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the end goal of duty installment under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Tax Account Number (TAN) for submitting charge decreased at source. 

One can get PAN application from IT PAN Service Centers or TIN Facilitation Centers utilizing Form 49A with the recognized copy of the endorsement of enlistment, delivered by the Registrar of Companies alongside the personality and home confirmation. 

8 – Company registration in Chennai needs to attain a Tax Account Number (TAN) for annual duties disconnected at source from the Assessing Office of the Income Tax Department. The Tax Account Number (TAN) is needed by anybody responsible for deducting or assembling charge. 

The essentials of Section 203A of the Income Tax Act express that all people who deduct or gather charge at the source should present an application for a TAN. The accommodation for allocation of a TAN should be enrolled utilizing Form 49B and saved at any TIN Facilitation Center confirmed to acknowledge TDS returns. 

9 – Register with the Shops, and Establishment Act (State/Municipal). Under this technique, a declaration fusing the names of business’ and supervisors and the foundation’s name (assuming any), postal location, and gathering should be conveyed to the nearby shop assessor with the appropriate expenses. 

10 – Register the organization through Online Company registration in Chennai for Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the Commercial Tax Office (State). Registration of VAT requires topping off of a recommended Form alongside the accompanying files: 

Validated copy of the update and articles of relationship of the organization, 

Residence proof, 

Verification of area of organization, 

Candidate’s one current identification estimated photo, 

Copy of PAN card, 

Challan on Form No. 210 

Advantages of Company registration

Company registered by Company registration in Adayar, Chennai has the following advantages.

Assists with creating capital 

When registration is done by Company registration in Chennai then capital is the cash expected to create labor and products. An organization has two types of getting capital: value, which means raising assets through people in general and obligation alluding to bank advances or different types of credit. At the point when an organization is joined, it is considered more solid; thus it will be not difficult to get capital. 

The SEBI and other partnered laws require the incorporation of the organization to permit sourcing assets as value. Also, if the assets are raised from general society rather than a private gathering, the organization should fulfill the conditions for a public organization and be filed on a perceived stock trade. Subsequently, it advances the simple way for capital development and pooling. 

Separate entity 

When Company registration in Chennai is done then an organization is a different legal entity to the accompanying partners: 

Advertisers: People who started the organization arrangement 

Directors: People who control the organization and deal with its business 

Investors: People who own the organization 

The signs of this idea are: 

The organization can purchase, sell and own property 

The organization can sue and be sued in its name when company is registered by Company registration in Guindy.,Chennai,

In the new past, the Companies Act 2013 has allowed setting up of another class of organizations which is known as a one individual organization. This construction has given the ‘discrete substance’ advantage to a person which was not accessible under the past sole ownership type of business. Because of this change, the sole owner likewise appreciates limited obligation. 

Limited liability 

Company registered by Public limited company in Bangalore, has limited liability.

Individuals lawfully will undoubtedly pay just to the degree of their undischarged obligation. If there should arise an occurrence of an organization limited by shares, it is limited to the sum neglected on their shares. While in an organization limited by ensure the obligation will be just the sum the individuals have consented to ensure. For instance, an individual has bought 10 portions of Rs 100 each. His greatest responsibility will be INR 1000 as it were. 

Presently, as seen generally if there should be an occurrence of intently held organizations (privately owned businesses), a part couldn’t have released his obligation. In such a case, he will be approached to settle his levy at the hour of ending up of the organization. This is a motivation to the individuals since their responsibility is covered not normal for a sole ownership or an association. 

Transferability of shares 

Shares are considered at standard with a mobile property and subsequently adaptable effectively starting with one individual then onto the next. This perspective gives liquidity to the investors. Individuals are in a situation to encash the shares whenever as they will. In a public limited organization, the shares can be moved openly. Though, in a private limited organization, the offer exchange isn’t continuous because of it being intently held, yet isn’t denied. 

The double E’s – Expertise and Efficiency 

Since the administration and proprietorship are unmistakable, specialists in the field can be named for each capacity in the organization. This prompts further developed responsibility. The accessibility of assets makes it helpful for offer great compensation bundles and draw in the best ability accessible on the lookout.

Disadvantages of company registration

Company registration in Chennai states some disadvantages also.


Consolidation of an organization is an exceptionally perplexing lawful interaction and It includes a lot of time and cash. These intricate strategies have been set up to deter individuals from working together who not genuine and energetic about it. 

Even after the consolidation of the organization, it must be run and overseen stringently. As per the lawful arrangements given by the Companies Act. The profits and different archives must be enlisted at the Registrar of Companies. 

Certain specific occasions or exercises like files, corporate reviews, gatherings, getting, loaning, venture and issue of capital, profits and so forth, are fundamentally needed to be directed and done by the arrangements of the Companies Act. 

Different organizations don’t need to observe however many arrangements and rules as a incorporated organization.

Corporate disclosure

Despite the broad legitimate structure intended to guarantee greatest straightforwardness and revelation of corporate data, the workers and low-level individuals from the organization have confined admittance to the organization data and higher administration.

Social responsibility

Many consolidated organizations have a total assets of billions and subsequently utilize a huge number of workers. They tremendously affect society and these organizations regularly partake in friendly exercises that are essential for it’s CSR(corporate social obligation) crusades. 

On account of the epic effect these immense consolidated organizations have, they need to follow certain normal practices and add to the improvement of society.

Tax burden

When contrasted with different kinds of organizations, incorporated organizations need to make good on a higher duty. A joined organization doesn’t get any limits and any base available cutoff points. 

A consolidated organization additionally needs to pay annual duty all in all of its pay at a decent rate though different organizations are charged at a progressive or piece rate. 

Consequently, many organizations regularly begin as privately owned businesses or association organizations. Thus, when their size of develops bigger, they become a consolidated organization.

Detailed winding-up procedure

The Companies Act accommodates a point by point and extensive interaction to clarify the ending up of an organization. This interaction is much additional tedious and costly when contrasted with similar cycle for different kinds of organizations.

Misconception around company registration

Incorporation implies no liability 

Despite the fact that there exists the different lawful substance idea, it doesn’t exonerate the proprietors from responsibility totally. For example, the proprietor might have approved an exchange for the organization by marking in his own name, or ensures an advance in his name or submits extortion. In such cases, he will be actually responsible. 

Insurmountable work for compliance 

Time after time, individuals dread the heap of documenting and administrative work that shows up with the fuse of an organization. Yet, the course of fuse has been smoothed out, and with direction from the right specialists, the work can be finished rapidly and effectively. 

Companies are charged at a higher rate 

A typical misguided judgment that lies in the personalities of individuals is that if the business is set up in some other structure like a Partnership or LLP, it will decrease the duty risk. This isn’t the case since whether the business structure is a Partnership or an organization, they are totally charged at rate of 30%. Truth be told, for specific organizations having turnover under an endorsed limit need to pay personal expense at a lower rate. 

Extreme expenses 

A couple of years prior the expense of incorporation was high, while today it isn’t the case. With the coming of the cutthroat climate, the expense charged by experts has impressively decreased. The different online enlistment administrations make it bother free and moderate for the clients. The Income Tax Act 1961 likewise gives a benefit of amortizing the pre-fuse expenses by permitting a derivation of a sum that is equivalent to one-fifth of the cost for every one of the five progressive earlier years. 

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